care and warranty

Care and Warranty 

All jewelry comes with a 12-month warranty. In order to keep them, you should know a few points that will extend their life over time.

When it comes to pure silver, the blackening process occurs naturally. It is recommended that when it encounters the oxygen in the air, so it is recommended to spend a few months every few months cleaning the jewelry to restore the natural shine of the silver.

How do we clean blackened silver jewelry?

You can buy cloth designed for cleaning silver jewelry. The cloth is used for a large number of cleanings.

Another easy and quick way: with the help of regular toothpaste (not whitening ointment). Use a toothbrush to rub the jewel and then soak for a few minutes in a bowl with hot water, rinse with warm water, and dry well.

For cleaning without rubbing, line a bowl with foil. Then place the jewelry directly on the paper and sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda on the jewelry. Then pour a little boiling water and wait a few minutes and dry well with a soft cloth.

In addition, to prevent blackening, please be sure to follow the instructions:

  • Do not spray perfume on them directly
  • Do not store silver jewelry in a closed box
  •  Remove rings while washing dishes
  • Of course, avoid a pool or sea

When it comes to gold plating, the sensitivity to alcoholic substances is high, and therefore any contact with a substance that can attack the plating, such as chlorine, perfume, disinfectants or detergents and cosmetics, sea, and pools, should be avoided.

In the case of the blackening of a piece of gold-plated jewelry, the treatment is the same as the treatment of silver jewelry.

For 14/9 carat gold, there is no limit to contact with alcoholic substances. It is recommended to clean every few months to remove dirt and grease and restore shine.

Our jewelry is made of the highest quality materials. In case of a defect included in the warranty, we will repair and send it back to you (the warranty does not include delivery)

The warranty includes 

  • Gold plating for 12 months
  • Disconnect the lock connection with the bracelets and chains
  • Defective lock.

The warranty does not include 

  • Stretch of a piece of jewelry (longer / thinner than the original length at the time of purchase)
  • A tear or fracture in the middle of the jewel is not repairable.
  • Damage caused by improper use and treatment, accident and/or malicious corruption.
  • A broken ring
  • Product loss or theft